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Afternoon with Alder Yarrow and The Essence of Wine


Thanks to Jean Pedigo of Laughing Dog Cellars I had the privilege of spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Templeton and Paso Robles with wine blogger and author Alder Yarrow.    Alder was in town for a book signing of his stunning book “The Essence of Wine“.  We started at 15c Wine Shop in Templeton where we shared a delicious cheese and wine plate and a little bottle of Italian bubbly.  We visited with a few people who came to buy Alder’s book and have it signed of course.  Jean knew Alder from living in the same area of San Francisco but it was my first time meeting him and I really enjoyed hearing about his history and what brought him to where he is now with his enthusiasm and expertise in all things wine.

Jean Pedigo and Alder Yarrow

We packed up everything and headed up to Villa Creek Restaurant where we briefly met Executive Chef Maegen Loring and then settle into our table with the owner and winemaker of Villa Creek Cellars, Cris Cherry.  We were soon joined by Carl Bowker, owner and winemaker of Caliza Winery in Paso Robles.   We started out with a very nice Villa Creek 2014 Roussanne and Duck Confit Nachos.    The table soon filled up with a Clos Solene 2014 Cuvee Jean, Caliza and Villa Creek red wines which were absolutely amazing.

Duck confit nachos and Villa Creek Roussane wine Villa Creek wines

I thoroughly enjoyed the wine world banter that flew around the table with a few laughs and even a vocabulary lesson.   I also learned that if you ever want to play a challenging game of Scrabble definitely play with Alder!

If you love beautiful books about wine then please check out Alder’s book The Essence of Wine.  If you’re in Paso Robles and love amazing wines do yourself a favor and visit Caliza, Villa Creek Cellars to experience them for yourself.  You will certainly want to finish your day in Paso Robles vineyards in charming downtown Paso Robles for dinner at Villa Creek.

Clos Solene Chateau Jean wine and Caliza Azimuth and Syrah wine bottles.

Restaurant table with Jeff and Jean Pedigo, Cris Cherry and Alder Yarrow


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