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Chillin’ at Morovino Winery

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As we were driving away from Wolff Winery in San Luis Obispo on a hot Sunday afternoon, we discussed our next stop and decided on Morovino Winery in Avila Beach with the hopes of finding a cooler climate.  Knowing that Avila Beach has been a bit warm lately I called ahead to make sure they were open and to ask a most important question….did they have their air conditioning going?  We got the green light on the A/C and headed out to beautiful Avila Beach where we found the temperature to be a refreshing 20 degrees cooler than in SLO.

Morovino Wine Glass

Morovino Winery recently moved to a new location not far from their previous spot in Avila Beach.  Their new tasting room is a little closer to Front Street across from the Pier and is very bright and cheery (like the owners).  There is plenty of seating areas and room for a few small groups to stand at the bar.  The owners, Andrea and David Bradford are a wonderful, cheerful couple who can usually be found pouring in the tasting room.  Andrea was light-heartedly pouring wine for their guests in the seating areas and David poured for us at the bar.  David enthusiastically shared with us the history of the winery and his extensive knowledge of wines and answered our plethora of questions.

There is a height difference between the two of them and we will leave that up to you to find out for yourself which of the photos below represents their actual heights (as you can see they are fun loving)

Andrea and David Bradford owners of Morovino WineryAndrea & David Bradford, owners of Morovino Winery in Avila Beach

We learned that the Chianti region is predominantly Sangiovese, but in reality, can be any varietal that’s grown in that region of Italy.  Speaking of Sangiovese, their 2012 Sangiovese was in a word…delicious; it had all the fixins of a good Sangiovese, spice, lightly fruit forward with a balance of light acid and smooth tannin.  Our friend who was tasting with us, has visited Italy somewhat recently, said it reminded him of the Chianti’s he tasted there.  And as is our custom, we ended up bringing home a couple of bottles of their 2012 Sangiovese.  The rest of their tasting list also deserved mentioning – 2012 Beach Blonde, 2013 Pinot Grigio, 2012 Pinot Noir, all very solid wines.  Our friends really enjoyed the 2012 Dolcetto and the Tesoro (which is their version of port made from 4 Portuguese varietals).   We’ve always been big fans of Italian varietals and particularly those at Morovino Winery.  And we will definitely be back as our favorite guitar player Jon Stephen performs there on a regular basis.  This particular Sunday, a wonderful guitarist named David Orr, sang and played some beautiful songs.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! We wish all our guests were as fun as you. Hope to see you back in Avila soon (we’ll crank up the AC for you!!).

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