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Wine Fest Weekend in Paso Robles


Festival weekends are a lot of fun at Paso Robles wineries!  Many of the wineries have events during the weekend that include live music, barbecues and even tours.  The Wine Festival in May also has a one day event held at Paso Robles city park where the wineries set up booths and pour there.   It’s a great event where you can get a glimpse of a lot of wonderful Paso Robles wineries in one place.  Since we visit these wineries regularly we prefer to visit the actual wineries on the festival weekend.

This weekend we had the privilege of going to the new Burbank Ranch tasting room in Templeton.   Burbank Ranch winery was located in downtown Paso Robles until the end of March 2015.   We really loved the tasting room downtown, it had a great atmosphere, great food and really good wines.  I had been enjoying following the progress of the new tasting room on Instagram and Facebook and was excited to hear that they were going to have a sneak preview opening on Wine Festival weekend.   I also got really excited when I heard that my favorite local guitarist, Jon Stephen, was going to be performing in the tasting room on Saturday.

Ray and I took the beautiful drive out to the tasting room on Saturday afternoon and were immediately impressed with the scenery.  The view from inside the tasting room are pretty breathtaking and the large windows makes it easy to see from the bar.

Landscape of Burbank Ranch vineyards

View from tasting room parking lot.

Jon Stephen on guitar in the tasting room








The tasting room had a vibrant crowd and the place was filled with the amazing sounds of Jon Stephen’s guitar.  Robert greeted us and got us started with a crisp 2013 Arneis followed by a 2013 Zinfandel Rose which was the first Zin rose that I remember having.   I really like Rose´and this one has a deliciously prominent zin flavor.

Wine glass at Burbank Ranch Tasting room

Ray and I had the privilege of piling into the Kubota for a guided tour around the vineyard and winery with owner Fred Burbank.  Fred showed us the vines, explained his vine training method to maximize the best fruit for the best wines and with his background in Biology he did a wonderful job of explaining everything.  Fred also took us for a tour of the production area below the tasting room which is so shiny and new and has that “new car smell”.   Ray and I agreed that it was the best vineyard tour we had ever been on.

We look forward to going back soon to taste their wines again and bring home a bottle or two.

View of Burbank Ranch Tasting Room

View of the tasting room and production facility from the vineyards

Laura with owner Fred Burbank on  Kubota

Laura with owner Fred Burbank on Kubota

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