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Paso Robles Wineries Come in All Sizes


We finally made it out to J.Lohr Winery in Paso Robles this past weekend.   If you have ever purchased wine just about anywhere in the United States I am fairly confident that you have run across a bottle of J.Lohr wine.  I was at a party in the Hamptons in Long Island, NY and a guest brought a bottle of J.Lohr and I was so excited to see it so far away from home.   So when you think of a winery with that kind of reach you might assume that their tasting room would be a bit prodigious.   Actually their tasting room is quite simple and unassuming and surrounded by breathtaking views of literally hundreds of acres of estate vineyards.  The tasting room is nice and roomy and the staff is very friendly, Lindsay was a wonderfully friendly hostess.  The wines offered in the tasting room are exclusive and not the wines that you will find in a local grocery store.

We are huge fans of Pinot Noirs from Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey County and we were delighted to see that they offer a very tasty 2010 Pinot Noir from Santa Lucia Highlands.  I don’t know of any other winery in Paso Robles who offers a Pinot from there.  That in itself is enough to keep us coming back!

J. Lohr 2012 Pinot Noir from Santa Lucia Highlands


View of J. Lohr Winery vineyards










The vineyards consist of thousands of acres on the estate with additional vineyards in Paso Robles and Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey County.

Our next stop was recommended by our friends Kevin and Angie who turned us on to Barr Estate Winery.  I will always trust this couple’s recommendations for wineries.  I would also like to highly recommend Mitchella Winery!  Their  tasting room is very intimate and they have a great new enclosed patio out back which we were happy to sit at.  The wines served were accompanied by a cheese pairing that was incredible with these wonderful wines.

I met my favorite winery dog named Bob, an adorable Labradoodle,  who walked right up to me and stood by me for a good 15 minutes soaking up all the pets he could get.

We took home a couple of favorites, the 2011 Tempranillo and the 2012 Shameless which is their Estate Rhone blend of 43% Grenache, 33%  Syrah and 24% Mouvedre both of which are difficult for us to resist.  The owner/winemaker clearly has a passion for well-crafted wines that’s undeniable in every sip.
Cheese paired with Mitchella wines






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