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Great Wines – Barr None


We love going to a winery where every wine on the list is just as good if not better than the one before.  Considering that everyone has different favorites and different palates that is a tall order.  We found a place like that on Sunday!

Wall of Barr Estate Winery tasting room

We heard about Barr Estate Winery from a new friend who was raving about the place to us last weekend.  We had never heard of the winery before and we love to discover new (to us) wineries, especially the boutique type.

We made a plan to head over there after our stop at Pear Valley Winery for their pick-up party since it is just down the road from them.  We actually ran into our new friend and his wife who told us about Barr Estate Winery at Pear Valley and invited them to join us.  We called ahead to let them know that a small group of us would be coming in the afternoon so we wouldn’t overwhelm them.  It was in the high 80’s on Sunday so it was very refreshing to walk into their beautiful tasting room that was nice and cool.  We were greeted warmly by the owner Tealy Barr and began our tasting with a delicious Albarino which was very smooth and subtle and refreshing, especially on such a warm afternoon.  The next wine was another cool wine which was a Malbec Rose which we had never tried before and we loved it!  Tealy told us about how she and her husband ended up in beautiful Paso Robles from New Orleans and how appreciative they are of their wonderful winemaker Signe Zoller.

Each red wine was better than the last and it was one of those experiences where there was a symphony of “wow”s and “this is amazing” among us all with each pour.  We all particularly enjoyed their special blend that they call the Jubilado.  The 2010 version was Malbec based and the 2009 was Cabernet Sauvignon based.  I know that wines are famous for having descriptors but these were both indescribably delicious!!  It was a tough decision to choose which one we wanted to go home with but we went with the 2010 Jubilado.

The wines were each deep rich colors but the 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon was especially dark and inky and oh so good. This Cab had a hint of a floral note on top of all the rich complexity of dark berries and rich texture.

Tilted glass of red wine against white paper

If you like the local boutique wineries where you are sure to find a wine you can fall in love with please visit Barr Estate Winery on Union Road in Paso Robles.  They also have a wonderful website with good information on each wine and even some nice pairing recommendations.



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