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Sunday Drive on a Thursday


Brochelle Winery glass with background viewNot every Sunday drive has to be on a Sunday especially in Paso Robles.   Because if you don’t check to see if your favo olive oil company is open on a Thursday and you decide to visit a winery instead but find out the one you wanted to visit is also closed you might end up driving through the back roads of Paso Robles.    But if it’s a gorgeous March afternoon and you arrive at the corner of Peachy Canyon Road and Vineyard Road and see sign for Brochelle Winery, Roxo Port and Limerock Orchards it is definitely worth stopping in.

My friend and I took a look around the great tasting room and decided to do some wine tasting with Brochelle.  One of the advantages of going to a tasting room on a Thursday afternoon is that you are likely to find a more intimate crowd which is what we found on Thursday.  The tasting room attendant Travis was very cheerful and professional and clearly appreciated the wine he was pouring for us.

My husband is the one who faithfully takes a photo of the tasting list but since he wasn’t on this little adventure I failed to get a shot of their amazing wine list.   But I must say that every wine on that list was truly unforgettable!  The Cabernet Sauvignon is unlike any I’ve ever had before, rich with dark, dark cherries.  The two blends offered were nothing short of incredible and the Zinfandel was amazing.

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