Through Our Wineglasses

Sunshine, Wine and Cheese


Warm sunny Sundays are a perfect excuse to run up to Lowes to look at tile especially if there are great wineries within a few miles of it.

Our friends Corey and Jinky drove up from San Luis Obispo to join us for our trip to Lowes with our bag of cheese, crackers and salami.  We drove out past the Paso Robles Airport and a pistachio farm to Le Vigne Winery out on Buena Vista Drive.  The tasting room was remodeled last year and it’s very open and spacious with a cheese room, a counter where you can buy panini’s and nibble on a few delicious samples of chocolate or cheese (or both).

Le Vigne Winery wine glass

Le Vigne Winery wine glass below the arbor.

A very friendly tasting room attendant named David made room for us at the handicapped counter as Ray’s mom accompanied us.  We wouldn’t have guessed it but it was only his second day working in the tasting room but not his second day in the wine industry.  We decided to go for the wine and cheese pairing, and why not with the amazing cheese selection in their cheese refrigerator chosen by the Cheese Lady, Zina.

Cheese on a plate at Le Vigne Winery

Two of the delicious cheeses paired with the wines at Le Vigne Winery

Cheeses on racks in a refrigerator

Amazing variety of cheeses!

We enjoyed our wines and cheese pairing and especially the Lamb Chopper and a delicious Bleu Cheese.  Ray enjoyed the 2009 LV Cuore Della Vigna, which was a wine made in the Super Tuscan style; this particular blend I believe used Petit Syrah with Zinfandel and Sangiovese. It’s always good to get an education in the diverse wine making styles of our area. We purchased a bottle of the Kiara California Sparkling Wine to enjoy with our picnic and Laura got a single glass of the 2012 Merlot. We settled ourselves into one of the tables out on their front patio to enjoy the warm sun and gentle breezes. We all took a moment to notice just how quiet it was out there, it was almost deafening but quite pleasant. The view just beyond the parking lot is seemingly endless vineyards where Laura has pulled over a number of times to photograph the vines in the fall.

Autumn colors of grapevines and grapes in Le Vigne vineyards

The colors in the fall in the vineyards are pretty incredible and just off the road.

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