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Puddles and Tasting


Rainy days are few and far between in California lately and are actually quite thrilling for most Californians.   It definitely didn’t stop us from piling into our car to head out to a couple of Paso Robles wineries last Sunday.

Looking through the large windows at Shale Oak Winery on a rainy day

Looking through the large windows at Shale Oak Winery on a rainy day

Our first stop was to Shale Oak Winery on Oakdale Road right across the street from another favorite, Red Soles Winery.  Shale Oak has set the standard in Paso Robles for sustainability. The beautiful grand windows at the tasting room let in plenty of light making the need for lighting more of a design accent than a need for illuminating the room. They also take recycling to the next level by having seeds implanted into the tasting list which can be planted to grow wildflowers!

Tasting list at Shale Oak Winery that can be planted to grow flowers

The plantable wine tasting list at Shale Oak Winery

Ray’s mother joined us for this outing and even though she has little interest in drinking wine she enjoyed sniffing our glasses and easily agreed with our taste in good wines. Our favorites this visit were the always fabulous 2011 Petite Verdot and the delicious 2011 Zinfandel.

We had hoped to head up to Rabbit Ridge Winery in Paso Robles where we are wine club members but remembered that there is a new place in downtown Paso Robles called the Rabbit Hole where they are in collaboration with Rabbit Ridge Winery and sell their wines along with a Bubbly Bar.  We were greeted by the wonderful Paula and were seated at some comfortable chairs and couch and the coffee table/foosball table with a stuffed rabbit in the chair across from us.   The tasting room is very colorful and whimsical to say the least.

Rabbit Ridge Winery glass

Looking through the Rabbit Ridge Winery glass to a stuffed rabbit

The wines were all delicious and Paula was kind enough to give a small portion of wine to my mother in law so she could sniff the wine out of her own glass and even had a couple of sips which she enjoyed.

White wine tasting list at Rabbit Hole in Paso Robles downtown

Rabbit Hole White Wines Tasting List

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